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Trump’s administration is looking for ways to make Boeing’s new Air Force One cheaper

The PAR program will consist of the development, testing, and construction of two 747-8-derived jets set to enter service in 2024. This means that even if Boeing delivers on time, Trump will not have the opportunity to fly on the aircraft. ( More...

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I think that even if they were delivered in 2017 Trump would not be flying on them as "Air Force One". He will not be allowed to last that long.
Brian Sallows 1
You seem to believe that you have perfect foresight.
In future, try to use conditional words like "might" and "could".
Even in these dark days I am still allowed to think. Expressing an opinion has not yet been subjected to an Executive order unless iy happened last night.
canuck44 0
You seem to be abusing the word "think".
He may just surprise us all.


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