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Lockheed Tells Trump It Will Cut F-35 Costs, Create New Jobs

Lockheed Martin Corp.’s chief told President-elect Donald Trump it’s close to a deal with the Pentagon to lower costs “significantly’’ for the next production lot of its F-35 fighter jet and will boost hiring at the Texas factory where the advanced aircraft is made. ( More...

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Highflyer1950 2
You mean all we had to do was ask for a discount? Someone in the Pentagon had better come up with a great definition of the word "significantly"!
bentwing60 0
I don' believe I have ever heard the term "Integrity" attached to the current admin., his stooges, or the 535 squatters in D.C. when the subject entailed the management of the "taxpayer dollar". I think the President elect knows something about bankruptcy and doesn't want a national one on his watch. He ain't my favorite guy, but he is "my guy". And I'd like some more F22's. Or F15's, or F16's, hell, they all beat a 35 in mock combat. Or doesn't the term "fighter" mean that any more?
canuck44 1
True....I suspect with Trump and Mattis the Pentagon and its hangers on are in for a shock. The suppliers are going to find the procurement process will change. Everyone knows costs have been inflated but none until know were prepared to do anything about it because above a certain level it became political with well paid lobbyists inserting money into bills to inflate returns. Trump doesn't owe them anything.
joel wiley 2
I don't think the spending will drop much, it will just be going into different pockets. Trump owes more to Putin than B & LM.
linbb -3
Too bad that Trump is showing how things in the real world can be handled to the disappointment of all the Hillary supporters. Her and Obama didn't get anything done in there offices that amounted to anything.

Trump also got Boeing to cut the price of the 747 unlike any other has done but nothing different than airlines do on the delivery of any new AC they buy each is different priced.

Lets see how he does over the next four years before all of you put on your tin pie pans and cause major flooding due to your crying about him,.
matt jensen 2
You wanted Hope and Change - didn't see anyone getting it.
Andy Cruickshank 1
So, If the people actually negotiating the deal with LM did not get the best deal under Obama I assume that The Donald will have them fired. I do not know when the F35 program was started but I suspect it was well before the Obama administration (Bush a Republican could possibly be to blame). Hillary and President Obama were not responsible for this mess.


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