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Flight 666 Lands Safely in HEL on Friday the 13th

Finnair flight AY666 has, according to the Daily Mail, become something of a running joke for several reasons. Along with pentagrams and images of Baphomet, 666 is, of course, associated with Satanism. And several times a year, AY666 just happens to fly on Friday the 13th. ( More...

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Brad Littlejohn 5
It would have been better if it had been escorted down by Ed Force One.
joel wiley 3
I think the aircraft OH-LXM is nicknamed 'handbasket'.
I wonder what divert airports are available when HEL has frozen over.
Brad Littlejohn 3
Why, KEGE, of course!

(classic rockers will get that joke.)
bentwing60 1
Careful, your 70's are showin! And I'd have said ASE, cause that's where they go, and Steve would be drinkin beer with Don H. His band had a bird on the first jacket.


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