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Anti-drone Gun can disable Drones from over a Mile Away

DroneShield introduces the DroneGun, a jammer that disables drone signals (including GPS and GLONASS positioning) from as far as 1.2 miles away. ( More...

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Pa Thomas 9
Will it knock out cell phones and people texting while driving? I'm in, where do I send the money.....
Ed Blanchard 1
I'm with you, Pa Thomas! Poor impulse control demonstrated by sooo many drivers today. On a typical day in my part of the US I will sight 1 of 4 drivers either texting or flapping their lips into a handheld cellphone. Worst- too damned many of them have someone else in their car. Like children.
Waiting for a cellphone jammer.
Bill Babis 4
If you can see one of those little suckers 1.2 miles away, I want to know what you eat for breakfast!
Cade foster 1
if it actually works Iraq military better order a gross of them to disable all the high quality fire direction drones the Islamics are using in Mosul. Look up the videos, drones from low level in HD quality guiding in explosive filled cars through a maze of streets to hit high value Iraqi tanks/armored carriers. Yes, I know Iraqi military just begs for these kinds of tactics to be used against them....
Cade foster 2
Here is the link if your interested
joel wiley 1
Ouch! Looking at the dronegun video you need the Mark IV eyeball to see the target. That might be a problem with the distances apparent in the liveleak video. As for the Iraqis 'begging for these tactics' that is one facet of asymmetric warfare. The ISIS cult is quite good at it.
Cade foster 1
ISIS seems to be taking low tech drone tech and making the most of it. Cell phones between drone operator and bomb car driver, turn right, turn left, etc until he reaches his target. Its no Reaper drone but just as effective the way they are using them again tanks, etc.
Hugh Loraine 1
Interesting concept.... Much better than what the English had to do during WW2 to stop buzz bombs. So it might also be effective, with more power, to down a cruise missile or GPS guided weapons? Of course, the immediate thought is that it would be useful to stop a terrorist bomb drone before it crossed into the Super Bowl, etc. But I would not discount the technology. It is worth a closer look.
cbird1337 1
High energy coils and a few yagis....who would have thunk.
lynx318 1
The article doesn't state and I'm not familiar with the civilian kind of systems, Is this only usable on Military drones or the little multi rotor hobby toys of the public as well?
Er.A.K. Mittal 0
Pilots are trained to fly machines as designed by engineers and according to the ‘user’s manuals ‘which too are designed by them (engineers)
They (pilots) are well versed to use and exploit all the possible ‘pros‘ of the machine (aircraft) they fly.
But the ‘cons’ are a matter great worry of the engineers.
Every now n then human ingenuity keeps posing challenges to the futuristic scientists and engineers to ward off the consequences arising out of ‘cons’
Here blow is a revolutionary innovation being developed in the area of drone control -
Is it like black cat in a dark room which is not there? …
Or a real possibility open to negative use … ?
IMHO, it’s a food for thought, plenty of thought.
dj horton 0
"It's easy enough for security staff to use it"

Brilliant. Can't wait for Drop-Out Joe to spray the jamming signal all over the place and inadvertently knock out the signal on an airliner on an approach down to minimums

[This poster has been suspended.]

Gabriel Hoag 2
Who said anything about this gun being made available to the public? As of now it's not even legal to operate one in the US. If it does get certified by the FCC, it will most likely be sold to airports and military, not to any person on the street who happens to dislike drones.

I don't see this gun turning into something that would cause "potentially murderously dangerous activity."
linbb 1
If you don't see this as potential problem then you either have you head in the sand or understand very little about the potential risks using it.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Highflyer1950 1
GPS only shows where you are, not where you are going. You need to think and listen to instructions given, that's what keeps you out of trouble.
linbb -1
Really then how do you navigate from one place to another? It does both if you ever used one that is for AC and not one for your car.
Highflyer1950 3
This was in reply to one' s "own position" by another poster regarding runway incursions and not following atc taxi instructions....depending solely on the map display to get you around and actually knowing the airport layout are two different things. That is why so many foreign carriers get screwed up in big airports while taxiing, too many heads down and not enough route checking. GPS, by definition is "position" and by building a route you can get from position to position. Oh, and btw, For many years I somehow managed to get myself, 12 crew and the 362 passengers behind me from point a to point b quite successfully.
Gabriel Hoag 0
As I said before, and as the article says, this gun has not been certified by the FCC. Meaning it's too early to speculate as to whether or not the gun will have any negative effects on aircraft in the vicinity of where the gun is being used, which I'm sure it won't, considering its primary area of use will probably be at large airports.

You might want to wait until we know more about it before assuming that it will have disastrous effects on aircraft.
linbb 0
It can and will due to its signal if not aimed properly but hey its just a small problem if it disrupts a navigation GPS signal that an aircraft is using for approach say.

It might not kill everyone in the resulting crash.
Er.A.K. Mittal -1
Such 'gadgets' are essential considering the unabated development of drone technology.
I just came across an interesting pictorial article regarding awesomeness of drone photography.

"Contest pics show drone photography at the top of its game"

I am tempted to give it a suffix metaphor of " .... and possible uses and abuses of drones "
One never knows what a criminal mind is thinking !
Such a sophisticated drone application can be abused for illegal spying or assault at public level.
No ?
linbb -1
And then if it crashes causing injury then what? Some item like this is very scary in the wrong hands and can do much more damage than good.


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