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Iceland volcanoes rumble to life again....

The current earthquake swarm might just subside, however we could also be facing another 2010 type test of our air routes all over again. Iceland raised the alarm after its largest volcano was hit by the biggest tremors since 1977. Two quakes larger than 4 in magnitude early Monday rocked the crater of Katla, the country’s Met Office said in a statement. That was followed by at least 10 more tremors at the volcano, which rises 1,450 meters (4,757 feet) into the air on the North Atlantic… ( More...

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matt jensen 2
It is overdue and some say an indirect cause of the French Revolution with its 1755 eruption, as that was a rising period of discontent and rising food prices under Louis XVI. People were starving as a result of the Laki eruptions in 1783 and 1784 and Grimsvotn between 1783 and 1785, so after several decades of food shortages, the revolution was baked in the cake, so this one could be a real game changer as The EU is essentially broke. It is breaking up in front of our eyes. When that one with the unpronounceable name starting with E I can't seem to remember hit in 10' with potentially cataclysmic results, spent quite a bit of time trying to better understand the island's volcanism. Fascinating..


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