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Flight Attendant Gets Fired For Saying She Qualifies For Food Stamps

A Compass Airlines flight attendant, represented by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA), was terminated on Thrusday after publicly revealing she qualified for foods stamps. Despite a full-time schedule, flight attendant Kirsten Arianejad was recently featured in a local television interview announcing that she had been approved for food stamps in order compensate for her low wages. ( More...

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John Cotton 0
Talk about adding insult to injury! And that's not even close to a livable wage, it's just barely above minimum wage. She could make more as a greeter at Wal-Mart. Compass should be ashamed.
Ric Wernicke 0
I hope the union takes Compass out behind the maintenence shed for a little "calibration." I think the public has a right to know the name of any company that has employees eligible for public aid. The lady that checks my seatbelt on The Matterhorn at Disneyland makes double what this flight attendant earns.
Tab Walton 0
I think a good legal services would be good for Kirsten. It is shameful how she is being treated for telling the truth. I hope she will take a look at this info and fight back.
DGA15P 0
The public would be amazed to learn thta many of the 'commuter' airlines pay shch low wages that many employees could qualify for public aid in most states. The day of the "rich" airline pilot is long gone. The only reason to do it is for the love of the work. I hope this hits the national news, but, not much chance of that.
Was she forced to work for Compass Airlines, like a slave? And what is Compass Airlines, never heard of it.
Louis SOMON 0
Shame on Compass !!
NPS Rasmussen 0
which Compass was it, there is one thats part of Delta, and then there's the Australian Compass Airlines, too.
It would be interesting to see how many millions the CEO makes.
I represented a State Police Union (unable to reveal the large northeaster state due to confidentiality rules) in contract negotiations about 8 years ago. We were asking for a 6% increase in the starting salary in year 1, 6% in year 2 and 3% in year 3, the State offered 2% a year for three years and wouldn't budge. Finally, we threatened to reveal that a police officer, with less than 5 years on the job, married with 2 children qualified for food stamps. The State negotiator didn't believe us and actually called us liars at the table. The following day, I presented him with salary details and qualifications for food stamps. The State agreed to our demands on the condition that the situation was not disclosed. We refused, saying that while it would certainly close the gap, the condition 3 years down the road would be little better. We finally settled for 7% a year for three years and an agreement to keep the matter quiet.

These flight attendants need a stronger union and an attorney who is willing to make the case loud and clear. Would "you" want your family flying on an airline where they pay the flight attendants such a poor salary? Keep in mind that these are the same flight attendants who you will look to in an emergency. Of course the airline is unable to attract the best, what with their poor pay.....
Joel Rodriguez 0
Shame on you...

-etc etc etc etc etc (get the picture)
Why not work elsewhere? Who chained her to that job? Is being a flight attendant indentured servitude? This is a free country ..... get a real education,get a better job and quit whining. I'd be embarassed to tell anyone I was on gov't assistance.
Dan says, "I'd be embarassed to tell anyone I was on gov't assistance."

This woman isn't getting assistance, her point was to prove how terribly she gets paid for the job she does. I agree with you Dan, that one can find better work, better themselves, etc... but does it seem right that the WalMart greeter gets paid more than the person who would help you and your family in an in-flight emergency?
Dan Elias 0
Compass is a regional carrier for Delta. I suggest that we NOT fly Delta or any of it's subsidiaries until they either force Compass and Trans States Holdings, Inc. to pay a livable wage and reinstate Kirsten Arianejad or terminate their relationship with them. Certainly all Labor Unions and Union members in the country should agree with this position.
DJA984 0
This is the only god damn industry that the increased operating costs and inflation was made up for by gouging the employees, and not the customers... What a shame. She needs to make this as high profile as possible and shut down all the regional airlines for good.


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