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Kerry: Shooting down Russia jets 'would have been justified'

The US military would have been within its rights to shoot down Russian aircraft that flew close to one of its warships in the Baltic Sea, Secretary of State John Kerry says. Two Russian jets flew within metres of the ship on Monday ( More...

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bentwing60 2
In a word,or three, not gonna happen. Kerry, as part of the current admin. fostering "hopeless change" to the U.S. and the world is part of the new "rules of engagement" that preclude any cogent military response to threats, provocations or overt displays of aggression. Putin's supposed response to a query about negotiating with "the leader", "It's like playing chess with a pigeon, he struts around, knocks over all the pieces, sh&*s on the board and claims victory while flying away. Don't know if he actually said it, it sounds accurate.
scott8733 1
As I read the 'rest of the story', as Paul Harvey would say- the more disturbing part was the Russian heli circling 7X taking pictures. The CO was well within rights to issue ONE warning in English & Russian- then blow it out of the sky.
iflyfsx 1
In other words, we should overreact with deadly force to anything we may consider a provocation. Got it.


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