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Airbus considers split-level layout for A350-1000

Airbus is looking at moving the galleys and lavatories of the A350-1000 into a below-deck area to maximise passenger space above. ( More...

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Pileits 2
40 some odd years ago Boeing in the 747s as well as Douglas in the DC-10s had their galleys down below in many of the airplanes they sold.
I rode those little elevators down into the galley's many times.
I recall that a flight attendant was killed in an elevator on a DC10 flight when it malfunctioned. RIP
josh homer 2
I did ops at DFW for ATA. L1011's had galley elevators too.
I never knew that in regard to the flight attendant on the DC10. The weight penalty for the elevator will probably be the deciding factor...


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