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Power Outage Cancels, Delays Flights At Ontario International Airport

ONTARIO CALIFORNIA (CBS/AP) — Flights were canceled and delayed Wednesday morning because of a power outage in Terminal 2 at Ontario International Airport. Ticketing and baggage claim areas lost power when a transformer failed, according to airport police spokesman Robert Pedregon. Limited backup power has kicked in. Brian Parrish of Southwest Airlines says the airline has canceled eight flights so far — four in and four out. At least seven outgoing flights on various airlines were delayed for… ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 2
Oh please, Ontario is so under utilized normal flight operations could have continued with the skycap holding a lit candelabra in the gate area.
CyranoSmith 1
preacher1 1
Sad but true
Still in decline... sadly, used to practice night landings into this perfectly lit runway, and then being blown off the taxiway by inbound UPS n Fed-ex heavys - :D


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