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Coming soon on JetBlue: Bag fees, more seats

Wall Street is finally getting its way with JetBlue. The airline had been one of the last to hold out against charging fliers more for checked bag. But JetBlue announced Wednesday that some customers will soon have to pay extra if they want to do so. ( More...

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sparkie624 2
this means, less legroom and pay for to get less.. Not a good deal.
s2v8377 2
This is good for American and Delta especially in the NY market!!! Now all we need is the Wall Street idiots to convince them to take the TV's off the planes to save weight ;)
preacher1 6
What will be interesting, with fees and seat space becoming equal, is how many will switch or go to AA or DAL rather than Jet Blue. If they lose ridership on account of it, the old phrase "bite you in the a** " comes to mind and would serve them right. I notice he is quoted in the last part of the story, but they had best leave Kelly at SWA alone. They are not your normal airline and they are making money. If people are not happy with their return, put it somewhere else and send your stock up here.
spatr 1
Other than the first bag fee, there won't be much change at all. JB is accomplishing adding seats and still maintaining the most legroom in coach by reconfiguring the airplanes. The new slim line seats will allow a row to be added without overly reducing legroom and shrinking the aft galley to allow one of the aft lavs to be moved to the back wall will allow for a half row to be installed. JB will still offer free tv and wifi. The fare structure is changing, but I don't know if that ill have any negative effect.

Yes, they bowed to Wall St. However, while they have made profits, they have been lagging behind the industry. That would be fine if you didn't want to acquire new and larger a/c and expand, but that's not the way to run an airline.
s2v8377 1
Those new slim line airline seats are uncomfortable!!! but yes I know the "other guys" already have them. Interesting on the reconfiguring. Normally reconfigurations means leas lavs, galleys, or closets.
s2v8377 1
I guess they don't want to be stuck with big aircraft if the airline they lease their NY-Caribbean routes from ever decides not to lease them anymore.

Also talking about jetBlue's fleet I never could understand the E190 fleet. I think it would have been cheaper for them to go with the A319 or A318, and just fly the A320 family.
preacher1 1
When you are a public company, you are subject to some of those pressures. One thing Wall Street does not recognize is that some companies owe their existence to being different; they could have stuck another row of seats in there and still had more legroom than the competition and done it without all the public hubbub. With all this public focus by the media and everybody now, Wall Street can pat themselves on the back for awhile, at least until JB starts losing riders on account of it. Of course, it ain't gonna start til next year so we'll see. If they do it, when they implement it next year, they just need to do it and keep their mouths shut about it.
preacher1 1
What is also interesting is that it caused the change in CEO's. I'd tell'em to kiss off too.
paul trubits 1
If you sign up for an airline credit card, you get your first bag free and better boarding. My guess is that JetBlue will do the same. On SWA, you get what you pay for. Fly into KBWI and you might as well go to dinner. Your bags aren't going to show up for a long time. After a long flight, I would gladly pay $25 to get my bags in ten minutes.
John Atherton 1
Kinda depends how much you fly doesn't it? $25 for 10 minutes adds up quickly....
spatr 1
The CEO was going to leave in 2015 anyway. His contract was up and with ALPA coming on to the property (and likely a few other unions) he was going to move on. They needed a CEO who could make the company money and be able to handle organized work groups.
Frani Rothkin 1
JetBlue should not be bowing down to any pressure. Their motto has always been 1st bag free. They promised us this when the began operation and told us they would not change it. They are going to lose their advantage as now I for one will look to other airlines, especially delta. I always get my first bag free. Very foolish move. Shame on you JetBlue.
preacher1 1
They are not even doing anything until next year. Why make a big kadoo about it now.
Dwight Hartje 1
This is jest another reason to fly Southwest!
patrick baker 1
Remember if you can the traveling on National, Eastern, the old Continental, Northeast yellowbirds and Braniff. Pleasant travel was wonderful then, and there is nothing close to it in cattlecar airlines. Spirit Airlines is just wrong, top to bottom. There is an ample case to be made for train or bus travel .Yes, bus travel: take the extra day and lose most of your aggravation in the process.Read, sleep, stretch out- make new third world friends, learn new foreign phrases.
paul trubits 0
The boss of Southwest was on TV stating that according to their math, they make $150 per seat. It would take six bags to make up for one lost px. Jet Blue bowed to Wall Street pressure to increase shareholder profits.
gboroflyer 1
Bag fees are not just about revenue from the bag fees, but they can also help an airline save on ground handling labor, and to a lesser extent fewer gse purchases. I know JetBlue has contracted ramp in a lot of cities, but I imagine they could get away with fewer ramp agents at places like BOS and JFK once the new bag fees take effect.


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