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Airbus A320neo makes first flight this month

Airbus' new A320neo will make its maiden flight this month, ahead of its planned debut in October 2015 and with a deep queue of airlines eager to take up the fuel-efficient jet. ( More...

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Gary Bennett -1
Wow lets hang two new engines on a 737-900 and call it a NEW aircraft...
Matt West 3
You mean like the 737MAX? Boeing did the exact same thing once they saw how popular the A320neo was.
The way I read it "neo" stands for "new engine option", nowhere in the text do I see a claim that this is a new aircraft.
Gary Bennett 1
Second word in the news release "new" I guess I misread it Duh....
It says "new A320neo", and in fact the new engine option is new. The text then clearly mentions that this is not a new aircraft.
Gary Bennett 0
Airbus' new is implying it is a new product from Airbus. If you stick the same winglets the 737 has had for years I guess that make a copy new. Only in Europe... I think an improved version would of been more fitting...
So if Ford sends you an invitation to try out the new F 150 Ecoboost you think it's a new truck?
Gary Bennett 1
Naw I aint buyn no truck for 46 million, new or not
John Beech 1
Its a pity you know nothing about aircraft.
Gary Bennett 2
Yea guess your right John. I only have 2786.4 Hrs Have flown only 17 different types, single, multi engine. Not as many hours as some on this page but sure more than most.
By the way, I hope you realize that this article has been written in Australia, not in Europe?
Jesse Carroll -3
Boing..Boing 737...!!!!
Airbus is getting as good as china in copying our stuff!
Matt West 8
Just to clarify - BOEING released the 737MAX after the A320neo. That's not to say there are not similarities, but honestly, how much difference can there be in an aircraft's shape. Besides, the 737 and A320 might look the same externally, but internally (in particular their controls) they are completely different.


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