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Plane clips another plane at Logan

Looks like someone didn't have their coffee this morning.Or maybe this is the beginning of a new sport...PlaneDerby ( More...

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sharon bias 2
OK, don't they paint those little yellow lines on the tarmac for the ground crew to guide in the planes? Aren't the planes supposed to follow the little yellow lines out, as guided by the ground crew? Who parked the planes in the first place and where was the ground crew? It's not like the pilot has a review view mirror.
preacher1 1
Looking at the pics on the front end of that video nobody took winglet height into consideration when they painted them, but it also makes a real good case for a wingwalker, at least in the tight places, cause the tug operator can't see it all either.
preacher1 1
In all reality, they should push straight out to the ramp center line and then turned. It looks like he started his turn way quick. Maybe that's the SWA way. If it is, it didn't work there.
matt jensen 1
You mean there's no backup camera?
Shadowstarz 2
This goes from southwest not having a wing walker. I flew on SWA and just about all but 1 of my flights did I see a wing walker.
preacher1 3
In looking at the pic, it would have cleared if it had not been for the winglet. So much for the fuel savings on that one.
WithnailANDi 1
And here I thought "wingwalkers" were aeronautical acrobats. Learn something new every day.
Looks like the wing Ground crew needs a day off. That small incident is probably a 200-300K cost to Southwest.
preacher1 1
Apparently the had the day off. There was no ground crew as far as wing walkers


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