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Saying Goodbye to Our Little AvGeek, Mr. Awesome

The aviation community family lost one of its biggest and smallest fans. Calder “Mr. Awesome” Sloan passed away due to a tragic and bizarre accident. He was named after the famous Braniff Boeing 727 “Flying Colors of the United States” used to commemorate the Bicentennial of the America in 1976. This aircraft was designed by the legendary artist Alexander “Sandy” Calder who also designed the mobiles that hang in New York JFK’s Terminal 4. ( More...

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Oh my what an inspiration he is to us as he reminds some of us of ourselves as children when we looked with awe at airplanes and found joy in aviation. He now soars with the very best of angels and I ray his family find strength to continue his inspiration for other children. Heartfelt condolences.

BaronG58 2
Very very very sad news but the writing was inspiring.


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