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World's most scenic airport approaches?

(CNN) -- It's at least as welcome as a warm face towel or the ping of the seatbelt sign going off: A beautiful view as you land. A panel of travel editors, seasoned pilots and other industry experts has drawn up a shortlist of the world's most scenic airport approaches for users of the private-jet charter firm to vote on. Any type of landing was eligible, from the approach over rooftops used by private craft at Amsterdam Schiphol, to the ultra-low, beach-shaving descent on the… ( More...

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Toby Sharp 5
...your home base after a great, well done, safe flight.
Great article. Especially for those who are camera buffs with yen for landscape and panoramic photography.
Wow.. they still miss the plot on a few of them.

1. McCarran Int'l Airport, Las Vegas. Stratosphere visual into the 19s at Las Vegas. Fly directly towards the Stratosphere tower, turn final there, and land, with the Strip off your right wing the entire way down.

2. Kingsford Smith Airport, Sydney. When landing on the 16s, the base turn to final puts the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House off the port side

3. Kelowna Airport, Kelowna, BC. When arriving from the north or the west to join final for 16, you overfly the most lush part of the Canadian Rockies, cross a river, and on final, overfly 3 lakes all the way down, with the Rockies off your left and right.

Either slow news day from CNN, or they don't get out much to travel.
I wonder how Kilimanjaro International rates in the list.
Alex Rinter 1
Aww even my tropical stunner of a home town misses out. Booo.
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