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Boeing Said to Seek Buyers for $1.1 Billion of Early 787s

Boeing Co. (BA) is struggling to find buyers for 11 of its earliest 787 Dreamliners valued at $1.1 billion after two airlines dropped orders for the holdover models from the jet’s troubled birth, people briefed on the plans said. The partially completed planes, which are heavier than new 787s and can’t fly as far, have been parked for about four years near a Seattle-area plant. Black plastic shrouds the windows, and 17,000-pound (7,700-kilogram) counterweights dangle from wings in place of… ( More...

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PhotoFinish 4
"...known in the industry as the “terrible teens,” a nod to their place in the assembly-line order and the factory woes. The teens weigh more than [later built planes.]"

This is typical of newly lauched planes. So why it it framed as a 787 issue or a Boeing issue?
Brian Bishop 4
Cause haters will hate.....
matt jensen -2
aka lemon law


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