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Unruly American Airlines passenger sentenced in Gander

An American man has been charged after a drunken outburst aboard a plane heading to the U.K., causing a flight diversion to Gander. The flight departed Chicago on Feb. 15 en route to London, England when 35-year-old Derek Olson became violent and refused to obey the flight crew. The pilot made the decision to divert the flight to Gander, where RCMP officers arrested and charged Olson with mischief and endangering those aboard. He pleaded guilty in provincial court Friday morning. Olson, from… ( More...

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steve rogers 4
you would think people would have learned by now , sit in your seat and shut up till your flight's done lol , there is zero tolerance , next thing you know some poor shmuck is gonna have panic attack , and they will duck tape him to his seat !
Air travel is full of contradictions. We increase people's stress levels with extra security (a lot of which is completely useless), offer them lots of opportunities to get liquored up both before and during the flight, then act surprised when people are out of control in mid flight.
Todd Baldwin 1
Proper punctuation and capitalization will greatly enhance the message you are trying to deliver.
To whom are you referring to Mr. Baldwin sir? Before pulling people up for grammar, syntax or even the best use of letters it would be useful to address your remarks directly or learn the basics of using this website! Was it Jonathan or was it to Steve? Ric has taken you as a joke and others are feeding upon your ineptness and the thread has become silly about duct or duck or why not goose tape?

Since this thread is about being incapable under the influence of alcohol on an aircraft, I agree with Craig and am suggesting that all flights under 6 hours are alcohol free and with the aim of all flights being alcohol free of any duration.

Cannot be done? See anyone smoking recently on a airplane? As for disruptives the cabin crew have legal authority to restrain passengers within their seat using hand cuffs or the modern plastic restraints. The pilot can then decide to either divert to offload the idiots or continue to arrival airport as planned and then let the local prosecuting authority dish out the justice.
Ric Wernicke -1
Most ducks live their entire lives without need for tape of any kind. The tubes that carry heated and cooled air within a building needs an adhesive backed sealer we call DUCT tape.

It has found use in a myriad of applications, but none include ducks!
Rick, I know about the generic name of Duct Tape, but there is also the brand name "Duck Tape", and they have many colours and designs. There's a whole culture around this, with people making all kinds of unusual objects out of it, there's even a competition of graduation dresses and gowns where the winners get a decent amount of money for their further studies. As for the fact that so far nothing involves ducks, with the inventiveness of the duck tape crowd it's only a question of time! :)

Here a few pictures:
Good idea, from now on I'll always bring a roll of duck tape in my carry-on.... :)
Ric Wernicke 0
I always have a few Ty-Wraps in the carry-on. As a restraint they are crude, but effective.

Just ask the pilgrim that tried to light a gas camping stove on the tray table next to me.
Todd Baldwin 0
We think alike. I've been carrying heavy duty zip ties for quite a while in my carry on, just in case.
If he is really 35, as stated in the article, he is a very old 35.
Liquor does that to you!!!
ADXbear 0
stop serving any alcohol on aircraft.... end of many problems.


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