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Kuwait Airways signs contract to buy 25 Airbus jets

Kuwait Airways has signed a contract with planemaker Airbus (AIR.PA) to buy 25 aircraft and lease 12 others, the state news agency said on Wednesday, firming up an jet order that was announced last year. In December, the loss-making carrier signed a provisional agreement with Airbus to buy 25 aircraft in a deal worth $4.4 billion at list prices. The order includes 10 A350-900 and 15 medium-haul A320neo airliners. It was delayed after a parliamentary investigation was launched this month to… ( More...

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PhotoFinish -1
Iraq and Afghanistan will probably but AirBuses in the future. Goes to show that no matter how much you do for another people, don't expect any gratitude.
linbb -1
Yup and with all the money we spent over there and they didn't doesn't make any sense. But hey with the tax breaks and such that EU gives them they sell em cheep.


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