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Will Boeing Lose $1.9 Trillion, and This Major Market, to Airbus?

On Feb. 9, Boeing released its 20-year market forecast for the Asia-Pacific region. The good news is the 20-year market for new airplanes is valued at $1.9 trillion. The bad news is Boeing faces stiff competition from its chief rival, European Aeronautical Defense and Space’s Airbus. Here’s what else you need to know. ( More...

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PhotoFinish -1
In 2013 Boeing delivered more planes and collected higher revenue and much higher profits than Airbus.

How is that Airbus having greater marketshare in 2013. Airbus may have booked a few more sales (in part because Emirates gigantic order that was announced in 2013 at the Dubai show, didn't get booked until after the new year.

I don't expect that either Boeing or Aurbus will deliver their entire backlog of orders. The greater in years the backlog grows, the greater the chance that the market will change, and that airlines will either not need or be unable to take delivery on all the planes they've ordered.

A premium should be placed on actually delivering airliners sooner, and actually booking the revenue and profit. The airlines will also appreciate being able to order planes and get them within a reasonable time frame.
linbb 1
With Airbus buying a bank along with all of the EU concessions they get that's the main selling point with them as they are able to sell for less there product. Boeing would need special government subsidies to do the same just like they get.


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