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London-bound Flight Lands in Canada, Man Booted

GANDER, Newfoundland (AP) — An American Airlines official says a London-bound flight from Chicago had to land in eastern Canada so that an unruly passenger could be kicked off the plane. Airline spokesman Kent Powell told The Associated Press by phone Saturday that the man had refused to listen to the flight crew's instructions and was handed over to authorities in Gander, Newfoundland, where the plane had to land. He said he didn't have further details about what transpired. Powell said the… ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 1
They didn't spend much time on the ground -- pretty quick turnaround.
PhotoFinish 1
Flight data shows they were on the ground just under 2 hours. They stayed long enough to at least redo their flight plan and add enough additional fuel to make it to London. They had to make up a nearly 2 hour unscheduled stop, plus nearly an hour to turn around and land at the diversion airport. That's at least 2 1/2+ extra hours to make up.

Though, there seem to be some anomalies in FA data on the flight segments if thus flight:

1. The flight arrival time for the diverted flight is impossible. FA shows the plane arriving at NST at exactly the same time the plane departed Chicago in CST. (The 2 1/2 hours is the time zone difference.)

2. FA shows the London arrival time, while the FA flight data still has the plane in flight at the sane time and arriviving later (landing just over 1/4 hour later). [3 1/2 hours time zone difference between Newfoundland NST and London GMT]

3. The seven day average for arrival time in London on day in question shows a time within a minuteof reported arrival time. But in the days before and after, the 7-day average is 2-3 hours earlier. The reported 7-day averages seem to have little relation to the average of the actual arrival times in the previous 7 days. There seems to be an adjustment for the diversion time. I wonder if the diversion of nearly 3 hours which results in an arrival in London about 3 hours later than normal is considered an on-time arrival because they arrived at about the time as planned after their atop in Gander.

From the passengers perspective, they've beenNin the plane for an extra 3 hours and arrived in London about 3 hours after originally planned when they departed Chicago. I can't see that as arriving 1 minute early, no matter how you spin it.
Torsten Hoff 1
Odd. When I looked at this earlier today, the time on the ground was about 40 minutes.


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