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US regulators push for a bill banning in-flight calls

Responding to a public outcry after US regulators said they would consider allowing passengers to make cellphone calls during flights, a House of Representatives panel on Tuesday Feb. 11 overwhelmingly advanced a bill to ban such calls. ( More...

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linbb 3
That would be a good start. But you know that to use one around other people the user needs to talk as loud as they can so the person on the other end can hear. It must be in the instructions somewhere and the need to answer every call also. The misuse of cell phones is getting worse not better. But to be stuck on an airliner with them using phones is terrible for the others.
PhotoFinish 3
The FCC's proposal would've left it up to the airlines whether to permit cell phone calls.

We are getting way to comfortable with government intruding in every aspect of our lives. There is no need for government to legislate 'manners'. Cell phones calls can be annoying in restaurants as they could be in planes. While it is a good idea for people not to have long annoying calls in either location, the government shouldn't be banning cell usage in either. Restaurants and airlines should be able to decide their own policies as they see fit for the comfort and convenience of their customers and employees.

We should have a healthy aversion to government intrusion, which should be as strong as our aversion to an annoying self-absorbed cell phone caller.
How about new designated "cell phone class"? In the baggage hold. You can use your phone all you want down there.
David Barnes 1
Forget that. If I can hear dogs barking in cargo, I can hear phone calls. I say "cell phone class" in seats attached to the top of the fuselage.
ADXbear -1
We have the technology to install a speed sensor in each phone.... if your going over 50 mph then the phone wont work... all call are routed to VM.. period.. this would work for cars and planes...

Just saying... we don't need the Government wasting time on rules that are just common sense.
PhotoFinish 1
People riding in cars, taxis, shuttles, buses, light rail, subways, and trains would love tone able to use their phones in transit. Also, on planes, even the strictest proposals would allow pilots, crew and air marshalls use of their phones.

Simply wouldn't work for everyone. Some folks who are car-dwpendent forget that many people live without ever needing to drive a car, train or plane.


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