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Boeing Business Jets made the first two 787-8BBJ deliveries of 2014

Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) made the first two BBJ 787-8 deliveries of 2014. The deliveries, made over the past week to separate undisclosed customers, mark the second and third BBJ 787 airplanes delivered to date. ( More...

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biz jets 1
By the way - the other 2 were - A6-PFC of United Arab Emirates UAE Presidential Flight, and HZ-MF7 Saudi Arabian Government.
Alan Winn 1
great info+ photos, thanks
Ric Wernicke 0
It is nice to see 10% of the American GDP goes to our Middle East friends so they can fly in style. How wonderful it is they can sit in Vienna and conspire to set petroleum prices while American producers would be jailed for such practices.
It's a game of local laws vs. international laws.
USA does many things at international level not acceptable to many local conditions in many countries. And it's OK !
All part of the game of international politics.
Some where you win. Some where else the other guy wins.


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