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Airlines begin push for discounted end-of-line 777s

Airlines are beginning to push for discounts on current generation Boeing 777s, as the airframer looks to bridge a gap in deliveries until the 777X enters service at the end of the decade. “I think it is common knowledge that aircraft tend to be sold to large and good customers with substantial discounts,” says Christoph Franz, chief executive of the Lufthansa Group, on a potential 777 discount during a media event in New York on 30 January. “So, the question of if there is additional discount… ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 2
Every single comment you have made has been to link to that video, which is unrelated to this squawk. What is your agenda?
PhotoFinish 2
The repetitive posting of the same link repeatedly over and over in forums fits the definition of spam, and should be reported as such.


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