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TSA Rejects Arming Officers After LAX Shooting

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The head of the Transportation Security Administration says his agency has officially rejected arming officers in response to a November attack at Los Angeles International Airport. John Pistole made the comments Thursday following the opening of a “pre-check” application site for expedited screening at LAX. ( More...

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Not to mention many wouldn't qualify for gun ownership.
joel wiley 4
Who woulda thunk it, TSA and sensible decision. Idle curiosity, butn I wonder how many current employees could pass the requirements and background checks for peace officer.
PhotoFinish 6
Arming them would require major changes to the TSA program. Many of the bottom of the barrel employees that they get for the wages shouldn't be carrying guns in a professional setting.

Plus, if they change the job into a police officer job, there would be pressure to change the wages to be in line with other police officer pay. At the federal level, that wouldn't be an insignificant amount and a big difference.
I feel they need to seek non-leathal options to subdue an attacker or irrate passenger. Mabey bean bag shot gun or something simular at a supervisor station.


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