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Boeing Exec: Selection Process Narrowing for 777X

A Boeing executive said Tuesday the company is narrowing its options as it searches for a place to build the 777X passenger plane. Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Ray Conner also told employees in a message that the machinists union's rejection of a new contract proposal that would have the planes built in the Puget Sound area was disappointing. "It was a rejection, plain and simple, and we now have to turn and face the reality of the union leadership's final decision," Conner said. ( More...

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PhotoFinish 1
"... the company is narrowing its' options As it searches for a place to build the 777X passenger plane..."

... as the company buys and options huge tracks of land near its' current SC facility.
preacher1 2
It also sounds as if the union is trying to rebel against their leadership a little. Leaders do not want to bring the latest proposal up for a vote as they say it is too similar to the other. Rank & file wants a vote. Could they have realized they may have crapped in their next and that their leadership is trying to sell them down the river?
PhotoFinish 2
Sounds that way.

Now that the workers realize that too much is at stake and that Boeing couldn't afford to be bluffing, the Boeing offer is way better than any alternative, if the Boeing jobs were to evaporate.

I suspect a new vote would move markedly toward accepting the company's proposal, either losing a very thin margin, or passing by a very comfortable margin.

A good job is a good job. An amazing job (that's been in the family/ in the town for generations) is not something to throw away lightly. That last vote seemed to be just that. Hopefully for the workers, it's not too late, and they'll get another chance to vote 'for' their future instead of 'against' it.


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