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American Eagle E175 off the Runway

No one was injured when an American Eagle flight from New Orleans to Chicago went off the runway at O'Hare International Airport. Flight 4332 from New Orleans was taxiing to the gate when its nose gear got off the tarmac pavement and onto the grass. ( More...

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matt jensen 1
Two more for more training.
preacher1 1
I always thought that's what that yellow line was for, to put your nose wheel on and keep you centered. dang, I guess I have been wrong for 40 years. Just think of all that time I could have saved cutting across:>
benin 1
I'm actually surprised that they got the fact that it was flying under Republic, but when they called the runway a road, my expectations were restored.
preacher1 1
The "OPERATED BY REPUBLIC" came from AA, not the reporter. I never did see the reference to the ROAD. LOL


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