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At Flight: Behind the Scenes with Lufthansa’s Boeing 747-8

We are surrounded by icons: we drive them, we wear them, we experience them. But up in the air, things are a different matter. Planes, and we mean big ol’ jets, are a means of transportation for so many of us — just a way to get somewhere and (hopefully) without delays and only minor jockeying for overhead luggage space — but in their colossal efforts in moving us from here to there, a few are are more deserving of legendary status than you’d imagine. ( More...

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Alain QQN 1
clean, too clean,
perfect, too perfect
german......not french or italian.....
it's Lufthansa
Alan Winn 1
great story, great aircraft did MIA-FRA and FRA-IAD on it and loved, getting better all the time


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