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Why loss of 'mileage' runners would hurt us all

Runners are the last true believers, chasing a dream that airlines can offer first-rate service at a reasonable price. Many also naively think they're the airlines' best friends, driven by a conviction that the "free" miles they've earned are the ultimate gauge of their loyalty, and that the allegiance will be repaid by a grateful airline. ( More...

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MimosaDrive 2
I used to love flying.
Bill Babis 2
Never joined a program, don't care to. If they would just end them all, I think we would all be better off. Let's see. Charge an extra dollar to run the program and "reward" the suckers with a dime. Better off in Vegas except in Vegas you have a choice on wether to drop that dollar or not.

Get the marketing games out of pricing and charge a fair price for the ticket. Its time has come.
matt jensen 2
Used to belong to programs by NWA, CO, AA, DL, UA. The only one that paid off - in terms of upgrades were CO & NWA. Had a million miles once upon a time. Problem was the airlines kept changing the rules.
Ric Wernicke 1
Frequent flyer programs have always given passengers "ice in the wintertime." In the eighties you only had to make a reservation and present a voucher at the ticket office.

Now you need run a gauntlet of rules and undisclosed capacity controls to use the mileage, and no matter how high up the elite scale you are, their is always someone with a trump card keeping you in coach.

The trimming of elites now means no more "free" First Class. Before FT programs coach was always full and First was "lightly attended." These days the only open seats are in the last row, and the nose wheel tires need a few extra psi. With the cutback, only those who have contributed to the kitty will have First Class upgrades, and the empty seats will be available for walk-up passengers.


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