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Swiss customs seize one million fake pills at Zurich airport

Swiss customs authorities have seized one million fake pills resembling Pfizer’s anti-anxiety medicine Xanax at Zurich airport. Four crates of pills were intercepted en route from China to Egypt in the largest seizure of fake pills at the airport, a customs official told Reuters news agency. ( More...

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PhotoFinish 1
Counterfeit designer bags is just theft, but counterfeit prescription drugs is criminal -- it's murder.
canuck44 1
Surprisingly enough, the fake pills would "cure" a substantial number of neurotics...that famous drug Placebo is highly effective for some.
PhotoFinish 1

There are probably many people on Xanax needlessly, as as you eloquently point out, and wouldn't notice the difference.

But I'd hate to for thousands or millions of people to suddenly not have therapeutic levels in their system. There will be lots of unhappy people in the world -- the ones who'd have to deal with the suddenly and unknowingly unmedicated.

Talk about cold turkey.
Roland Dent 0
I just wish they would be more careful with the stolen money that floods into this financial black hole called Switzerland. They would sell their grandmother for a $1000 US dollars.


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