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Alitalia A320 skids off runway in Rome

Very little information at this point. It appears from pictures that the right side landing gear collapsed. No injuries reported. ( More...

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Kevin Brown 1
More details emerging from the passenger who provided the Instagram photo:

"Michael Puscar ‏@michaelapuscar 3h
@Reuters … Landing gear wouldn't release so was a controlled crash landing. All passengers evacuated and being counted"

He has a video which he is in the process of uploading.
JetMech24 1
"Landing gear wouldn't release so was a controlled crash landing."

If that is the case, isn't it procedure to raise all of them back up and belly in?
Gary Roberts 1
I'm curious as well.
Gary Nauta 1
The test results during certification are that there will be less damage to aircraft if landed on remaining gear. Less damage refers to all collateral damage including passenger injury. There are exceptions of course, that being the MD11 aircraft if the main gear does not deploy, you will want the centre gear to remain stowed, due to the damage the centre gear will do to the fuselage as it takes all the weight of the aircraft.
Dylan Peace 0
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Alitalia A320 Crash

Yesterday night an Alitalia A320 flight from Madrid encountered landing gear problems and was able to land in Rome but ended up sliding off the runway.
Bob Ziehm 0
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Plane skids off runway at Rome's Fiumicino airport

A plane toppled and skidded off the runway as it landed at Rome's Fiumicino airport on Sunday after its landing gear malfunctioned during a thunderstorm, slightly injuring around 10 people.


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