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Arctic Sea Ice Extent Doubles from Last Year, but Still 6th Lowest on Record

Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean recouped from last summer's record low levels, with the amount of ice surviving this summer nearly 50 percent more than in 2012, scientists said Friday. Still, the extent of the Arctic sea was the sixth lowest ever recorded. Compared to the 1981-2010 average, this summer's sea ice minimum -- a reflection of the maximum ice melting in the warm season -- was 432,000 square miles (1.12 million square kilometers) lower than the average, according to data presented by the… ( More...

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This issue came up recently in a discussion on a recent squawk, where John first mentioned it. Just wanted to pass along a link that corroborates John's comment, which was news fir me.

Since air travel uses so much energy, climate change is intimately related to the beloved transportation choice. Good news about the environment, though, is very welcome.


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