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Bombarier C-Series doing mid speed acceleration and breaking test

Last "sortie" of the FTV1 where Bombardier, for the first time, had the permit from Transport Canada, to go beyond taxi speed with the FTV1. Engines are very quiet! You can hear race cars from the ICARS race track and crickets! CYMX communications are on ( More...

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What are they trying to 'break' during this test?
And what kind of "vehicule" is which?
Can some one enlighten ? English is not my mother tongue (I'm from India).
It is doing High Speed on runway 24 at the moment. Listen to CYMX on LiveATC
Steven Smith 0
I think the word 'brake' was intended. Substituting 'break' for 'brake' is a common mistake in North America.
If so, how to learn English the right way ?
I can write to you in french if you prefer. Yes, my mistake of typing too fast and English not my language... "BRAKING" it was.
More high speed test tomorrow following totday's test at CYMX Airport via
Good luck and have a great day, Bonne Journée!
Clearly your HQ(humour quotient) is different from what I thought. My target was the person who "uploaded" the clip on Youtube! Chech the title of the clip

"HD 1080 Bombardier CSeries BD-500-1A-10 Flight Test Vehicule"

Then again check the first few words of the first line

'Bombardier CSeries CS100 flight test vehicule (FTV) #1 doing medium speed acceleration and breaking tests'

With so many comments and counter comments, the entire pleasure of trying to inject some humour into the squawk is lost .
Pardon me for this misplaced effort.
bettiem 1
Maybe there's a lesson there about what my grandmother repeatedly warned me. She would say, "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit." She was right.
Nigel Johnson 1
Actually, it is the pun which is the lowest form of wit! Or as Denis Norden once did, compare it to the master baker (say that carefully) who refused to bake buns, because "the bun is the lowest form of wheat".


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