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Three engines damaged during 747-8F ice encounter

Russian authorities are investigating an serious icing incident in cruise during which three engines on a Boeing 747-8 freighter sustained damage and two suffered a loss of thrust. Federal air transport authority Rosaviatsia identifies the aircraft involved as an AirBridge Cargo 747-8F, registered VQ-BGZ. The 747-8F is powered by four General Electric GEnx-2B engines. ( More...

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4 engines.....better then 2 in this case....
Just saying...
Toby Sharp 1
41,000 feet for a 747. that's up there isn't it? Most long haul 74 flight are in the low 30's.
Mark Duell 3
It was very late in the flight when there's not much fuel weight left:

>It had been operating between Moscow Sheremetyevo and Hong Kong on 31 July, and was cruising at 41,000ft at the time.
>The incident occurred at night in the vicinity of Chengdu, about 1.5h before landing, as the aircraft deviated to the right of its intended flightpath in order to avoid a thunderstorm.

GEnx on both 747-8 and 787 has great high-altitude performance.
Please forgive me folks but I have written upon this subject and remain convinced, be it cargo or human payload, that 4 engines is always a better reserve safety feature over and above any justification for using the big twins!


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