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DUI on CHO Runway

The airport security fence at CHO was no match for this joy-rider, (www.nbc29.com) More...

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She's a keeper.

I can't say for sure, but because it dealt with an trespassing airport grounds and destruction of airport property, I would think she would be in for serious jail time.
sparkie624 1
She's a keeper ok.... A keepers for the Jail.
Toby Sharp 3
Hey that's my wife!
sparkie624 1
Better you than me.... Let her go to Jail... Then you are a free man. I certainly would..
Paul Claxon 3
Was she cleared to land ?
chalet 2
Belly landing you mean
sparkie624 3
Throw the book at her... No acceptable reason to do this... This person needs jail time...

1.) DUI
2.) Entering Unlawfully on federal property.
3.) driving unapproved vehicle on airport property

And I am sure there are many other things... If she was that far gone, they be able to appy eluding and resisting arrest.
Jim Quinn 1
DUI should be treated quite seriously as they treat it in some European countries. I think the first conviction should be a minimum six-month jail sentence (no exceptions) with a fine relating to a percentage of one's Adjusted Gross Income figure on their tax return, so the punishment would be just as tough on the wealthy and the no-so-wealthy. Take them off the road and away from job and family and they can't 'hide' their offense, no matter how much money they have. At least they'd be off the streets for a while. There is no excuse for drunk/impaired driving--it's always a choice.


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