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How These Simple Scimitar Winglets Make the 737 a Whole New Plane

In what will be its first widespread commercial use, Split Scimitar Winglets have officially been giving the go-ahead to grace United Boeing 737-800s all across the country. While winglets themselves are nothing new, this more aerodynamic incarnation should cut fuel costs by 2%—in other words, pushing their total winglet-related savings to $200 million. ( More...

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canuck44 2
These are a tribute to Aviation Partners and their ability to model fluids using three dimensional computing which allows them to trial hundreds of possibilities without having to leave their consoles. Even twenty years ago this would not have been possible without massive expenditures to model and trial.

The reference in the paper to the Smithsonian article is worth the read for those like me who are non-engineers and answers the questions as to why these devices don't work on the 777 and other long range aircraft.
So. It seems like it's more than 15 years since we first started seeing winglets.
Time sure flies when your having fun, and aside from the technical advantages they look great especially the new Split Scimitar Winglets.


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