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Virgin and Delta team up in bid for world's most lucrative airline route

One of the most valuable routes in the airline industry is the one that joins New York to London. It is the world's busiest route, one particularly frequented by business travelers, and currently, it is dominated by United Airlines. All that is set to change, thanks to a pivotal partnership between Delta Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. ( More...

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PhotoFinish 2
"(CNN) - New York to London. It is the world's busiest route, one particularly frequented by business travelers, and currently, it is dominated by United Airlines."

Can someone explain how a carrier in distant 3rd place behind 1st place BA-AA JV and now 2nd place Delta-Virgin JV can dominate any route?

I understand that United does pretty well across the Atlantic, a business they inherited from Continental in the merger.

But now their Virgin has gone and danced with Delta, leaving them as the one at London dance without a partner to dance, and with many fewer slots at Heathrow than everyone else. How please is that a dominating posture?

In the alternative, maybe someone might be able to at least be able to explain how CNN is able to publish such obviously off-base statements in the opening paragraph of an article specifically about the route in question.
Daniel Baker 1
By what definition is it the world's busiest route?
PhotoFinish 0
The quote is"one of the most valuable diuretic the airline industry."

But to answer your question, it the busiest cross Atlantic route, likely the busiest intercontinental route anywhere.

And connecting NYC and London, which are major financial centers, there us a steady stream of "pay any price, I need to get on the very next flight" clients who ride up front, and for whom the timing of the flight is much more important than price.

So for any company looking to make a buck, valuable.
JetMech24 2
The second sentence, "world's busiest route"
PhotoFinish 1
The quote is"one of the most valuable ROUTE the airline industry."

You type a word, you spell it correctly. Then a fraction of a second later, after you've already proofreader the word, spell check changes it into some other word with a completely different meaning.

Sometimes technology gets in the way. I'm not even a Luddite.
PhotoFinish 1
Oh yeah. I see it. So they were wrong on the facts twice in the same sentence.

Or may be the busiest intercontinental route, and is the busiest cross Atlantic route, bit far from the busiest overall.

They are also wrong about United dominating New York - London. United may have the largest cross Atlantic business and may have the most flights out of New York (based on the stength of their hub at Newark). However they are in a distant 3rd place on NYC-London, so are not close to dominating that route. Even earlier, they were a distant second to the BA-AA joint venture.

This CNN article was just wrong on the facts multiple times. Sad they can't get easily verifiable facts correct. Sad.
Peter Cooper 1
Turn spell check off. Larn to spell, or, heaven forbid, use a dictionary.
Peter Cooper 1
Note the deliberate error !!!


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