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Asiana 214 Reconstruction & Roundup

NTSB came to conclusion that no system anomalies were found. Watch video of Asiana 214 ( More...

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preacher1 1
CBS National news is reporting that a 3rd person has died
matt jensen 1
I saw several different animations, but the most telling was the distant cell phone video. It appears to me, the landing gear impacted the wall first, tearing off the tail and lifting the nose slightly before spinning right, then left before coming to a halt. Pilot error - he was too low and too slow.
daniel klein 1
Its sad that the third passenger died...
Thanks for the hup preacher1
preacher1 1
They also said that the FD confirmed that one of their trucks did run over one of the victims as far as tire tracks went, BUT, they do not know if that killed here or if she was dead from the crash. Coroner's report will be out sometime next week.


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