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American Airlines apologises about cabin crew photo shoot... but did they really need to?

Imagine being stuck in a plane for four hours due to a flight delay. And how would you react if cabin crew were outside the aircraft, posing next to the engine while having their photo taken by the captain? This exact scenario played out at San Jose Airport recently. However one of the passengers was so furious that airline staff were taking photos while passengers were stuck in the aircraft that he snapped them in the act and complained. ( More...

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Guy Cocoa 6
I wonder if the cockpit door was locked?

Captain, why is the engine starting to turnnnnnnnnn.....
tim mitchell 0
that's what I was thinking.....see how funny it is when the engines start-up and the beacons and anti. collision lights come bet they won't think that's to
Michael Fuquay -1
Awesome comment.
s2v8377 13
This is pathetic!!! This guy "Kelly" needs to get a life!!! If the plane is broken (B752) what else are the crew suppose to do??? They can't fix the maintenance issue. All they can do is wait and make the best of a bad situation like everyone else. I think the pilot who took the picture should be commended for doing something nice for a coworker. Plus if you look closely "Kelly" was siting in Row 10 (Seat 10A) which is "Main Cabin Extra", so he had the best seat in coach, and he's still miserable!!!

He's lucky AA gave him AAdvantage miles I would have given him NOTHING!!!
Michael Fuquay -2
I can understand his frustration. Why does he have to be strapped in the tube, while the Captain's stranding his passengers.

If the crew leaves, I can too.
Exactly, they shouldn't be doing it while the passengers are stuck inside. It was poor timing. People fail to realize that "image is everything!"
You mean you don't tell your VIP's to stay put while you leave to take a pic of some milf? Lol
MILF's would be the exception!!!
Daniel Sallee 3
I have to agree here, this is a pretty silly scenario. While I understand that the passenger is frustrated with the situation, he must be forgetting that he has a job as well. Is it unfair for people to be able to enjoy their career? And quite often there is a lot more to the situation of being stranded on the airplane. In certain situations it was not the pilot's decision to hold passengers on the airplane, but operations control. And the crew is always allowed to enter and exit provided they are not directly needed. As a crewmember, that would have seemed a good time to take a photo if they were waiting. It is, however, a good reminder to keep in mind how passengers may view it.
sparkie624 3
Give me a break... They could have been delayed for other reasons... This is BS.
s2v8377 4
I just hope AA flight crews are still allowed to take pictures like this as memories of their careers, and don't loose the ability to capture these special memories.
Give me a break, with all this women has gone thru for customers at United this JERK can't just shut his mouth. What a stupid petty thing to complain about they weren't going anywhere anyway. Thank-you to the Flight attendant who spent many years helping A H's like this guy. HAPPY RETIREMENT !!!
If I were on the flight I'd be mad they didn't ask me to go take the picture for them! Congratulations to the crew member for her years of service. Mr Kelly needs to get a grip, or a drink.
doug bell 1
What a little winey b-----. i cant beleive he is having such a issie over what was 2 minunts of his life waisted. Get over yourself.
sorry my preferred airline, AMERICAN :)
Gene spanos 1
Welcome to " Circus Jerkus " Airlines.


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