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Asiana Crash: A Pilot's Perspective

There's a lot of misleading info circulating about the Asiana SFO accident. What went wrong, and why? Did pilot experience play a role? Were the challenges of SFO airport a factor? And what about the safety of Korean air carriers? ( More...

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Jason Rhew 1
why are people thumbs downing this?
Pileits 2
Mr Rhew because at this point the investigation has only just begun. So anything anyone says including that blabber mouth NTSB director is pure speculation.
joel wiley 1
Squawker fickledom?
randomguy 1
even the ntsb video has a bunch of thumbsdowns. I wonder if people are getting tired of these?
BC Hadley 1
It seems like most of the current squawks are in the negative, which is weird.


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