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Asiana 214 NTSB Video Walkaround

NTSB team onsite ground level views the aircraft, debris field and more. ( More...

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Bruce Rayner 1
Based on NBC news Monday nite, and this video, plus the Flight Aware speed log, I see something maybe interesting, but not mentioned: The left engine fell off early on, the right one was going full bore after it spooled up from idle, finally lifting the wing high, spinning the plane to the left. (Evidence: NTSB statement - #2 engine showed hi speed rotational damage when it ended up next to the fuselage. #1, sitting back on the runway showed no rotational damage (slow rpm)). That explains why the plane didn't slow down as it slid down the runway without a tail. Analyzing and counting the video frames as it passes the adjacent stopped plane, it appears to be still moving about 120mph as the right wing catches air, engine under power. Why else wouldn't it slow down on that long run? It was only going that fast when the tail separated and the black box stopped recording. I think the captain just froze after jamming full power before hitting the seawall. The other three pilots were crapping their pants. Sully, where were you when we needed you? Just my opinion.
I wonder how much release of such visuals help us, the readers even if some are experts ! And why the impatience or the temptation to make SOME comment or observations on the basis of half baked or half cooked information ? Even NTSB must act in a mature and professional manner by abstaining from making speculative remarks .
Arun Nair 0
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New NTSB Video of Asiana Flight 214 wreck site

Just released NTSB video of wreckage; inside and outside.


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