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Memo Leak Says American/US Airways Merger To Result In Layoffs

According to a memo that was leaked to TFNJ, the merger team made up of American and US Airway plans to layoff workers at Hubs. In the memo, it laid out a plan to reduce the workforce by 4,000... (www.thefloridanewsjournal.com) More...

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joel wiley 1
I thought Snowden was still in Moscow. You mean somebody else is leaking National Security Secrets?
preacher1 1
My Gosh!!!!! I just said something halfway nice about Doug Parker. Somebody get me to a Dr.,,,,,,QUICK!!!!!!!!!!
Urologist, Proctologist, which one Preacherman?
preacher1 1
Better find me a NEUROLOGIST to look at my brain. To have decent thoughts running through my head about him scares me.
We're just gonna enroll u in the nuthouse...
Daniel Baker 1
What do people think the purpose of a merger is?
Pileits 2
To put MORE money in the CEO's offshore bank account. Isn't that what it REALLY is all about?
preacher1 1
Did anyone expect anything different? The article did say that it is just a proposal but I'll be willing to bet that in some form, it will be implemented.
Parker still has a problem getting all the unions together but in defense of that, most of the troublemaking is coming from the block of pre merger US Pilots. They are getting to be fewer in number so maybe it will was out.
I hate to use the term "NAZI CAMP" about the AA culture as has been used in other articles and posts, BUT, there is definitely a difference in the 2 and how that shakes out will be interesting. Laid back people and casual dress lets people be more relaxed and creative if not allowed to go too far.
joel wiley 2
Preacher, you remember Hezikaiah 4:17- bound not the mouths of the kine that treadeth the grain. Yeah, treat people decently with a little slack and you go a long way.
preacher1 1
Well, AA is not that bad but it's all suit & tie and not really authoritarian but kinda reminds me of the days in the cockpit before CRM, in that "I'm the boss and we will do it my way. When you get to be boss, we'll do it your way". Relations with all the DFW folks have always been good but they have really held on to the old ways in some respects.
I don't mind "old ways", in fact it really does make a difference as a passenger when I see someone neat and uniformed........if the service is here to back it up.

Since the Penn Central merger of the late 60's where relations were so fractionated, operations nearly to a halt, I have always been weary of merger outcomes. (Talking of course only of Management only) Some can do it right, others, face near stagnation in the organization. A lot of companies ignore this part of implementation.

And it's been almost a cookie cutter pattern of job losses after the dust settles. It's a shame since they loose a number of talented people.
preacher1 1
Conrail was a joke but was formed with an earlier attitude that we saw about the financial meltdown a couple of years ago, Penn Central was too big to fail. Through the multiple bankruptcies and reorganizations, somebody should have seen it coming rather than just being thrust into it. While there are many fallen flags that made up Conrail, it shows that the entire Northeast was overbuilt. When Claytor came off of Southern to take over Conrail, one of the first things he noticed was the difference between the 2. On the Southern, about every 2 miles there was a spur for a factory. On the PC, it was basically metro to metro with a lot of mainline in between and a big part of that was RR driven, hence the reason for the industrial concentration in the Northeast, and was also an incentive for a lot of those folks to come south, to get away from the metro costs or simply to have room to expand. After long last, when the sell off of Conrail came, NS and CSX, a result of non government consolidations and mergers themselves, took over what could be made profitable and there is still a healthy competition between the 2. In such a capital intensive industry, like the airlines, bigger is not always better. All that said, we must realize, as a country, whether highways, air, or rail, that we must have an infrastructure and not all that can be maintained by private enterprise.


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