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Awesome slow motion landings!

I know someone posted another video similar to this one a while back, but this is amazing. The 757's are by far the best ones! It is amazing to see the wing flex and how much the landing gear compresses. Simply stunning! Credit to the video owner. ( More...

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Nice. I love the way the wheels wobble back and forth for a second on the 757s.
Awesome . Correct representation . ThanX .
Use a tread design on the tires that will catch the wind and facilitate wheel spin upon deployment.
Joao Correia 1
Why isn't there a kind of windmill to make the wheels rotate? It would save tons of rubber and put less stress on the landing gear structure, no?
Buddy, do U mean that some mechanism to create rotation in the wheels while 'touching down' ? If yes, then cost and problems associated with such a 'wind mill' for each wheel or pair of wheels may be prohibitory. U R right in ur view that friction during touch down is "very" high. But perhaps , this is one of the glaring examples of 'necessary evils', like industrial waste or loss of energy in heat in mechanical or electrical world.
Stress on landing gear may not be related to friction on wheels. For the sake of explanation, assume there is no friction, say on solid ice , the stresses will still be there, whether the craft moves on rolling wheels or slides on skis.
But UR idea to reduce friction deserves appreciation ! Who knows in the years to come, in 20 or 50 or 100 years , this or similar method may be adopted. To say this I am reminded of the concept of catapult method of take off from aircraft carriers of every navy to reduce the runway length for take off !
Many years ago they tried motorized wheels to match landing speeds but at that year's technology it was a dismal failure from what I was told.
Guy Cocoa 1
I was really surprised there was no one from the Ryanair staff behind their aircraft scraping the rubber off the runway for reuse on other flights.
Ha Ha Ha


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