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End of an Era as FedEx Express Retires Last B727

The last Fedex Boeing 727 landed today after a flight from KIND to KMEM. FedEx flew 727s for 35 years. ( More...

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Pileits 3
What a great airplane the 727 was. Got my 1st jet type rating in a 727-100.
Sad to see them go but they were just no longer feasible to operate.
oowmmr 1
PSA had new 727s at KSJC back when. The smiling nose was always enjoyable. I flew on one to KLAX with my dad.
Ted Sommer 1
Ah yes, the famous words PSA, great airline hated to change uniforms for the east of the mississippi.....
oowmmr 1
I didn't know they flew that far east. Is there another/insider acronym?
slgordon3 1
For 6 years i lived right in the approach path at PHL, I could always hear the FedEx 727s taking off. Those things are loud compared to newer planes, but i'm gonna miss em for sure.
Hope room in the desert for all the ones not donated.....
KingAir06a 0
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The End Of An Era

After more than 30 years, FedEx ends Boeing 727 service. The last flight (FDX727) landed in Memphis today around 1:30PM to great fanfare. Here's a look at the flight


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