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BA hit with £1m repair bill after luggage scanner is sucked into plane engine

A Heathrow baggage handler caused up to £1million worth of damage to a British Airways plane when a luggage scanning gun got sucked into the engine. The accident happened as the Airbus A320 was being powered up as it prepared to taxi out to the runway. ( More...

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Grumman or grey?
josh homer 3
African or European?
/Monty Python
adambear8 1
On rare occasion the entire airframe.
acmi 2
wouldn't have phased a Boeing with GE engines....
Yeah it would've just caused a low oil indication!!!
(v)e Same 1
Hmmm now i wonder where all the stories are regarding mechanics that leave tools dangling in control lines or leaving loose parts inside the compressors (Which at least in our case gave a DC-9 an awesome single engine afterburner)....

"A worker left the tool on the engine cover and it was pulled inside inside causing around £1million worth of damage to the aircraft which had 150 passengers on board."

So it wasn't just inside, it was REALLY inside.
oowmmr 1
They must mean the company the BA works for.
Ric Wernicke 1
1. Optical scanners are so 1975. When will they use NFC RFID tags and mount the reader on the loader? Luggage will scan itself.
2. Isn't it about time to put a screen over the intake? It could be retractable at altitude. At the very least it would slice birds into bite size pieces.
3. They need group punishment for a blunder that left the hand scanner on the engine. That will encourage everyone to keep a sharper eye if they knew a discipline lapse would result in a spanking.


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