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10 U.S. airports you're likely to breeze through

For a traveler to breeze through any major airport, plenty of stars have to align. Security waits need to be short, terminals easy to navigate, intra-airport transportation abundant, and flights punctual. And while some fastest-airport lists focus on a single element—say, airports with the best on-time departure records—we decided to highlight airports that performed well across categories to deliver fast passage. ( More...

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canuck44 4
Facility design has a lot to do with efficiency and ATL proves that their layout coupled with efficient tram service and great signage allows the majority of passengers to find their own way while minimizing long walks between gates. Others like IAH try to overcome this with moving sidewalks or ground transportation between concourses, but still requires the passenger to be an Olympic athlete to make tight connections.
And the fact that the majority of passengers are connecting and don't have to worry about security.
Such assessments help the administrations of respective airports as well as discerning travelers alike to be perceptive about not only what is BAD around BUT also about what is GOOD around . And to convert bad into good and to make good better ! Both sides are responsible in their own way to bring about improvements .
Kudos for the effort for assessment and the article. .
kevin swiss 1
DCA???? Lets compare and contrast SEA-DCA, SEA is good with 5 separate large entrances leading to a very long central corridor. DCA has 4 separate entrances to their separate terminals with scant bus service (unadvertised) between the B-C terminals. I've always found long and slow lines because they are in narrow locations with few x-rays etc.


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