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Female Pilot retiring after 44 years

Arkansas native retiring after a long career at Continental/United ( More...

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Congrats to her. A lot of moxy and right place right time made for a great career.
josh homer 2
Good post Preacher. What is sad that still in 2013, I hear guys make rude comments when they see a female pilot. When I was a crew scheduler, we had many female FO's and CA's, and even one trasngender CA! They get the same training are are equally as capable.
preacher1 3
I never met her. Although born here, I was raised out in SW Oklahoma. I knew her dad & mom as they had a flower shop her. As far as I know, they will remain in Houston. There are several women up at Boeing in their test/delivery pilot group and everybody in that group wears 4 bars. Probably startles some folks and makes others jealous but that's life.
ThanX to persons like her that the proverbial 'glass ceiling' is breaking and more and more girls(young ladies) are taking a liking to the 'stick'.
It may be a while before they get their due share in the club. Sad but true. All because some men who are not men enough in the real sense.


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