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German government covered up near-collision of drone, Afghan airliner

Classified documents and video obtained by the Der Spiegel have revealed a near collision between a small Luna reconnaissance drone operated by the Bundeswehr and an Ariana Airbus A300 airliner over Kabul in August of 2004. The Ariana flight was carrying 100 passengers. The report comes as German Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière faces another drone scandal over the purchase of the "Euro Hawk," a long-range surveillance drone that was found to be too dangerous to operate in European… ( More...

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skylloyd 2
You can count on one thing, this problem is only going to get worse!
preacher1 2
Gene Nowak 2
Great! And we want to give everyone unlimited us of drones in US airspace.
preacher1 1
Well, they need to be required to have TCAS of some type and a screen for the pilot to view with, just like he was looking out of a windshield. All it's gonna take is for some PD to be looking at a neighborhood under the approach path to some Airport and barge into resticted airspace not knowing any better.
benin 1
Obviously we need to reinforce the rules of drone flying.
damn drone!
preacher1 1
I wonder if the Bus';s TCAS went off. at 6', obviously not
Cactus732 1
It would be likely that the UAV does not have a transponder so TCAS would not have known that it was present.
preacher1 1
You are probably right. Either pure dumb luck or a heads up pilot; I really couldn't tell from the video if he took EA or not.
joel wiley 1
DASH: Drone aloft strike hazard?
Torsten Hoff 1
I posted this story yesterday ( and the squawk was downrated into oblivion. I'm curious what caused the difference in reception? Is it the title or abstract?
preacher1 1
I'll go you one better than that my friend; I first saw your post here earlier. Came back again on another comment and it was gone and now it magically reappears.LOL. Either way, still a good story. Stay at it.
Daniel Baker 1
Very weird....fixed it by marking the newer one as a duplicate of yours, which merges votes as well.
Ryan Jorgenson 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Video: Near Collision Between Drone and Airbus A300

A close call between a drone and an airliner nine years ago is getting renewed attention thanks to an online video showing the near collision.
Jackie Butcher -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Video Of A German UAV Nearly Colliding With An Airliner Leaked

Classified video from an incident which occurred in 2004 over Afghanistan in which a German Luna UAV came with about six feet of colliding with an Afghan Airbus A300 with 100 people on board has surfaced on the Internet.


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