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Flight of Fancy in the New York Times

A silly story in the New York Times magazine gets some well-deserved flak. May I chime in? Was this really a perilous emergency landing, or just one passenger's hysterical reaction to a minor problem? ( More...

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joel wiley 5
Missed the story first time around. Linked to it and LOL.
The commentary reminded me of Poul Anderson's essay "On Thud and Blunder"

Maybe the author was channeling James Thurber's "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".
bentwing60 3
I think it was The Secret Life of Journalist Twitty! Using the term "journalist" very loosely.
What else would you expect from the NY Times? You have to remember that they are fully supportive of Obama's quest to tax private aircraft out of existence. Have you ever read their editorials? They are ridiculous and full of fear mongering about anything that doesn't fit their extreme liberal views.


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