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Man arrested after jumping out of moving plane at Pearson

“The flight attendants were yelling, ‘What? what? what?’ and the woman saying ‘The door’s open, the door’s open’.” ( More...

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Beeskip 2
It seems post 911 with long security lines, crowded aiports and planes, air traveles seemed to be a bit on the edge and impatient these days.
blueashflyer 2
the general public should not be quoted in stories. "Thank Goodness it didn't happen in flight."

The emergency over-wing exit CANNOT be opened in flight - air pressure holds it in place. You would have to be The Hulk in order to open it in flight.
JetMech24 1
There might be more examples, but you are incorrect. The 737NG's do not lock in place with air pressure, they open out, a mechanical lock engages when the aircraft is in air mode.
"minutes of frenzied activity," doesn't take much to excite people. When will people ever realize calm is the way to go...
Anyone know of a flight number, plane?
ric lang 1
Time to thin the herd!


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