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Got Buyers? Airbus A380 Lacks Airline Customers

Airbus SAS said it must step up efforts to market its flagship A380 as it still lacks buyers for some of the 30 double-decker planes it wants to build and deliver in 2015, the year the program is supposed to break even. ( More...

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canuck44 2
This should not be a surprise. Some airlines currently with them are not using them to their optimal duties. These need heavy traffic routes preferably long range and accommodating airports. Given all this and their lack of flexibility, market saturation should be reached early.

The smaller 787 used point to point eliminating feeders at both ends will erode the needed markets to sustain the 380. It looks like the Boeing call was correct in opting for the twin engine more nimble product for even its 747-8 is floundering.
preacher1 2
Problem with the 380 is that as well as the airlines not buying, the Airports are going to have to step up to the plate and spend some money for major improvements to accomodate that beast. So far there aren't enough out there willing to spend it, even if they have it.


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