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Astronaut performs Space Oddity onboard International Space Station

Nicely Sang. Brilliantly produced. Really in space. Absolutely Amazing. ( More...

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canuck44 2
This is sad in some ways as this is most likely the end of flying for an outstanding fighter and test pilot. He has had a brilliant career, first in the RCAF until 2003 and now with NASA. He has achieved more than a farm boy from Sarnia, Ont could have dreamed. He has flown virtually everything on which he could get his hands...hopefully NASA will have something more than a desk for him to fly at age 53.
Randy Michel 1
Based on rotation, its possible he could get an additional flight in over the next several years. If it was his last, he certainly finished his spaceflight career on a high note! Awesome video!
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Space Station Commander Turns Music Video Performer

ISS Commander Chris Hadfield has shown himself to be a real Renaissance Man. The first Canadian to command the station, who was set to return to Earth Monday aboard a Soyuz spacecraft, has performed a rendition of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" while aboard the orbiting outpost.


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